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  • What's included in the CFE Review course package?

    The courses are packed with CPA case writing strategies and templates to help you succeed with the exam. You will get access to a study plan, case checklist, technical review checklist, close to 5-hours of video lessons, memory aids, practice cases, solutions and bonus content such as historical exam data, exclusive Honour Roll technical interviews and templates for writing various quantitative and qualitative issues.

  • Why are the courses priced lower than other CPA prep programs?

    Our courses teach high quality technical, case writing and strategic CFE skills similar to other organizations. Our courses are designed, written and produced by a very small team of CPAs which allows us to save costs and give you a more affordable prep program.

  • What's different about Gevorg CPA courses compared to other CPA prep programs?

    CFE Review is the newest coaching and prep program in Canada. Most of the other prep programs are legacy organizations that have been providing supplementary support to CPA students starting before the CA, CGA and CMA organization merger. Additionally, most of the other prep programs are managed by teams of CPAs and educational consultants. The Gevorg CPA courses use only the newest CFE learning content and the courses are designed and managed by few CPAs and educational consultants. This allows us to keep the costs down and offer you competitive prices.

  • Will Gevorg CPA courses help me pass PEP and CFE exams?

    The courses are designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge and prep strategies for the CPA exams. Our students consistently perform better than the average writers and feel more comfortable with the CPA exams. The results are ultimately at your hands, we provide the tools for you to apply. Students who apply and practice the strategies and lessons correctly have higher chance of passing.

  • Can I upgrade my review course?

    Yes. If you purchased a single day review course (for example CFE Review Day 1) and would like to upgrade to the full 3 day course, you will only have to pay for the difference. Please contact us to arrange the upgrade: support at

  • How long do I retain access?

    When you purchase a course, you are granted a single-user licence to view the materials for 8 months (250 days). In the event that you are unsuccessful at the CFE, you will retain access until you pass.

  • Do you mark cases and offer one-on-one coaching?

    Yes, we mark Day 1, 2, and 3 cases. The fee for Day 1 and 2 cases is $50 per case, and for a Day 3 case $25 per case. We also mark Core 1, 2 and elective module cases for $25 per case. As part of your purchase you receive a free, complementary 30-minute Skype-based coaching session to be used anytime during your subscription period (8 months). Additional coaching can be requested at $50/hr. Please contact us to request your complementary session and to learn more: support at

  • What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of the content, unfortunately all sales are final and no refunds are granted. We encourage you to preview the free lessons and watch the Gevorg CPA YouTube videos to learn about the program before purchasing. In the event that your exam is cancelled or deferred due to circumstances outside of your control, you will keep your subscription until you write the exam. Please don't hesitate to contact us with additional questions if you are still unclear about the content.

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions?

    Please email us: support at You can also submit a form at: